Medical IoT

Advanced medical imaging systems We launch AI-based imaging and analytics systems
to solve the most challenging tasks
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Why choose us?

  • Quick launch of new AI products due to the multidisciplinary expertise of our specialists and high-performance fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure
  • Reduce the development and operation costs without finding and hiring expensive Data Science specialists, purchasing and maintaining your own infrastructure
  • Security and reliability of cloud technologies Your case data, ideas and results are under NDA. The cloud infrastructure is protected in accordance with all the necessary requirements for information security

Expert Operational Support

Support of solutions all the way from development to the realized commercial product


Working with logs, troubleshooting system errors


When data changes, new metrics and other inputs appear


On scaling and other technical aspects

Training new models

With improved architecture, performance and metrics


Run and validate the model
Monitor performance up to N times a month

Detailed how-to

Writing manuals after development is complete

Having troubles with some outdated IT systems?

We will help you with solutions for problems of any complexity

Apply for your AI service

Leave a request for consultation with an expert from the team

Highlight the problem

Formulate a task together with our expert and get help in developing technical specifications


Get a pilot AI service and advice to make a commercial decision

Any questions?

Let us know about your tasks and we will return to you with a proposal to solve them

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